Doctor Bike

The original and first Dr Bike team from year 2000, we still offer the best cycle advice and mechanics at public events at very affordable prices.

Dr Bike is ideal for encouraging cyclists and adding to the general ambience, we will set up as directed at your event and offer:
– Minor mechanical adjustments and maintenance tips like pumping tyres and oiling chains.

– Bikeability advice such as use of gears, brakes and on road safety tips.

– Recommended bike shops and services.

– Help with the comfort of your bike set up / riding position.

– Advice on locking your cycle, correct helmet fitting and fitting recommended bike lights.

– Cycle servicing at a later date not covered by your 30 minute appointment.

Our staff are all employed in the bike industry and give a professional and experienced service.
Fully insured of course, please call us for more details.

Bike for Life works with a range of partners who all share a vision of more people cycling, more safely, more often.
To find out more about these partners, please click on the relevant logos below.

Cycle Training Standards Board
We Are Cycling UK
Brighton & Hove Council Cycling