& Cycle Proficiency

We run professional ‘Bikeability’ road riding courses for adults and children; this is an updated more comprehensive version of the old Cycling Proficiency. We use well paid, experienced staff to offer the highest quality instruction.

We improve your performance and safety out on our streets.

We cover courses for all abilities and welcome beginners, women cyclists and those with disabilities.

All three Levels may be undertaken individually, normally take three hours each, and cost £135 per Level or £405 for all three. This would suit one individual, or two participants could share the cost.
Bigger groups of three to ten are also possible to arrange which require two trainers at a total cost of £90 / hour, but in this case each ‘Level’ is likely to take 4 hours +.


Level One
We spend two hours in an off road environment giving you useful advice and demonstrations on bike control, gear use, braking and turning. Your own cycle will be fully safety checked and set up for your comfort.

Level Two
We get out onto carefully selected quiet streets to put your knowledge into practice, taking turns, passing junctions, starting a journey, passing parked vehicles and plenty of useful tips.

Level Three
When we’re confident in your ability, you are then taken out onto busier roads to complete sample journeys in traffic, negotiating all on-road situations and given plenty of handy advice as needed.

Cycling is a safe activity if proper training is undertaken! Our staff are highly experienced, fully insured and CRB checked. Please click this link – Bikeability for more details of the training we provide.

Group Courses
These take place in Preston Park on two consecutive Saturdays, 11am til 4 pm.
We cover all three levels of Bikeability and the total cost is £165 for both days, or £90
for the first day only.

Summer course group dates:  Saturday 3rd and Saturday 10th August 2024

Beginner Training
We have trained many beginners to ride a bike using our tried and tested techniques.
We meet in a park convenient to you and normally have you riding within one and a half hours.
You pay £40 per hour. Bike hire is available at £10 for each session.

Cargo bike training
These bikes are increasing in numbers but require a certain extra set of skills to operate effectively.
We have undertaken specific training to help you to cycle cargo bikes more efficiently, so please call to enquire and set up a training session.


Bike for Life works with a range of partners who all share a vision of more people cycling, more safely, more often.
To find out more about these partners, please click on the relevant logos below.

Cycle Training Standards Board
We Are Cycling UK
Brighton & Hove Council Cycling