You and your bike

For a truly personalised course, why not book a private session with one of our mechanics?

We have worked with many different types of riders: commuters, long distance touring riders, cross-country mountain bikers, and triathletes, as well as individuals in charge of maintaining the family bike fleet.

We design a course that suits you.

One-to-one sessions can be booked at any time, and cost £180 for a four hour session for Levels 1, 2 or 3. Costs can be shared for two participants but an extra hour may be necessary to complete. Note that our three different ‘levels’ are also available in a group environment on set dates at a reduced cost.

For 1:1 or 1:2 sessions, please call (01273) 253393 or 07792 211839 to book a time that suits you.

Bike for Life works with a range of partners who all share a vision of more people cycling, more safely, more often.
To find out more about these partners, please click on the relevant logos below.

Cycle Training Standards Board
We Are Cycling UK
Brighton & Hove Council Cycling