Protech Level 4

Protech Level 4
Our advanced certificate course

Bike For Life accredited qualification

Total cost: £725 / £825

This is our most comprehensive mechanics course, covering all aspects of maintenance in detail and looking at all different systems.

To maintain standards, you must satisfactorily complete our three day Level 1, 2 and 3 courses which costs £315. A further two six hour sessions will then be completed individually at a charge of £510 or two seven hour sessions in a group of two at a charge of £410 each.

You will then receive our Bike For Life Protech Level 4 award certificate and be recorded on our database as a passed mechanic. 

We cover some of the following aspects in less detail on our Level 3 course.
On Level 4 we will work through this list in more detail ensuring that you are able to perform these tasks confidently, aided by our patient, experienced and clear instruction.

01. Brake systems, caliper, linear, side pull, dual pivot and hydraulic.
02. Crank arm, installing and removing, square type, splined and cottered
03. Chain ring removal
04. Chains, the types of chain available, fitting, removing and getting the correct length
05. Chain alignment
06. Rear sprocket removal and fitting – screw-on and cassette
07. Bottom bracket removal and fitting, cartridge type
08. Bottom bracket removal and fitting, adjustable type
09. Hub servicing and adjustments
10. Headset servicing, A-Head and threaded
11. Headset replacement
12. Replacing spokes
13. Wheel truing and building
14. Gear systems, STI levers, twist grips, down tube, thumb levers and ‘Sturmey Archer’
15. Front derailleur fitting
16. Rear derailleur fitting
17. Stems, handlebars and seat posts, types, fitting measuring and adjusting
18. Fitting accessories
19. Diagnosing problems – squeaks and creaks

Dates can be arranged to suit the candidates.

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